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tv   WBZ This Morning  CBS  November 10, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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as he heads to the white house today. >> a string of break ins a warning from police. >> and voters saying yes to recreational marijuana what's next? . >> live from the channel 4 studios in boston, this is wbz news this morning. good morning. to you. it is 25:00 right now. >> thankg us, it is thursday november 10th a chilly start to our thursday. >> we have 30s out it's going to be cooler the than the past couple of days. north and west of town we dip to the low 230s, a couple of 20s on the map. . we're in for plenty of sunshine today. call it chilly
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of the 30s appeared 40s we climb to about 50 at lunchtime. breathed and breezy today. the wind is going to shift out of the southwest 10 to 20 miles per hour. i do anticipate some clouds mixing with that sunshine for the second half of the day. sunset at 4:26 and temperatures in the upper 40s. we'll talk about the end of the week and the weekend coming up. let's get on the roads. >> we just have some l columbia road. drive times are still great. north of the city roads are clear top to bottom all we have is this construction on 128, the ramp to route 3 north is closed that's all you have to look out for this morning breaking overnight anti-donald trump protesters shutting down a major freeway in los angeles. thousands walking on the 101 obstructing traffic for hours.
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to meet with president obama at the white house. >> the 2 sitting down today to discuss a smooth transition of power hena daniels has more. . >> anger over donald trump's stunning election continued to boil over into the early hours. >> he's a racist . >> moments after demonstrators in la marched along the 101 freewa . >> they're protesting democracy, democracy was at work. >> businesses in new orleans were damaged, fireworks set off in oakland, and in new york -- >> you are unlawfully in the roadway. >> police arrested several protesters blocking traffic along various trump properties. hundreds lined of streets of 5th avenue across the street from trump tower as president elect trump prepares for his meeting with president obama at the
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. >> we move in ways that some people think is forward and others think is moving back and that's okay. >> hillary clinton urged her supporters to give trump a chance. >> donald trump is going to be our president we owe him an open mind and the chance to lead knows . >> trump stayed out of the public eye yesterday meeting with his s potential cabinet appoint he wants. his team pledged to quote begin the you are get task of rebuilding our nation. trump protests breaking out from coast to coast and here in boston thousands hitting the streets last night saying they don't want to accept a trump presidency. we're live in boston this morning with a closer look at the local demonstrations and what they had to say. >> reporter: police estimate
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here on the boston common to protest a trump presidency. the presidential election may be over but the bitter feeling that defined the race could still be felt wednesday night. thousands of people angry with the outcome marched through the streets of boston. >> we're not satisfied, we're not impressed with this election as a latino, as a woman, i do not feel safe right now. >> about 5,000 people chanted anti-trump phrases and held posters hillary clinton won the blue state of of massachusetts and appears to be on pace to win the popular vote but she lost the electoral count that decides the race.
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accept those results and move forward together. >> this is what we have a democracy for, so we have to deal with it and we do have to respect like the speech stating we have to respect him and support him. >> let's support him hope he does the right thing and gets us where he says he'll get us. . >> police say this was a peaceful protest and there were no arrests in the new race about 700 votes separate the winner hassan from ayotte ayotte, almost 24 hours after the polls closed ayotte ayotte finally conceded the race. hassan who is the current governor beat ayotte in one of the closest races in the nation . >> going forward it's going to be to remember what unites us as americans and how we can make progress together.
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gains for the democrats in the senate but the party need today pick up 5 seats to shift the balance of power. >> now, that massachusetts voters have voted to legalize marijuana a lot want to know what happens next. adults 21 and older will be able to use and possess up to one ounces of marijuana. you won't be able to buy it in a store until january of 2018, that's when the first licenses will be approved. the governor posed the ballot question and says he wan make sure that the new law is properly implemented. >> and voters approved a ballot question to build the most expensive school in the state. residents gave the green light to a temporary property tax increase that will help pay for a proposed $250 million high school. the state school building authority will decide if it will approve the $120 million share of that project. and stay with wbz as we continue to follow the
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complete election results just go to our website new this morning police investigating a string of break ins. >> reporter: the most recent house break happened on tuesday and police say whoever is responsible certainly is not waiting until the cover of darkness. all 3 of these house break ins happened within 12 days. we're told that they've happened in the middle of the day in the middle of the afternoon and in all cases a large amount of jewelry was taken on tuesday police say a man wearing all black actually entered a home on prospect street through an unlocked door. police describe him as a white man in his 30s or 40s carrying a clip board and a bag on his shoulder. the 2 break ins last week were on school street and lowell street happening in the middle of the afternoon and interestingly police say the suspect description for these 2 break ins match.
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sending out a warning, a message to residents here urging them to always keep the doors of their house and their cars locked we're also following a developing story this morning. police are looking for a car in connection with a man found shot in the woods yesterday. the 35-year old victim is hospitalized in critical condition right now. he's a former easton resident who now lives in florida. coast guard is still trying to find 3 men who disappeared on a fishing trip. the last time anyone saw them they were putting their boat in the water tuesday afternoon for a fishing trip. friends say all 3 are experienced on the water but still could have hit conditions that they were not expecting. >> there were long duration waves but extremely large, but there is always the probability that one might become rowing and
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in other words, become something other than fun to be in. >> the coast guard has searched. so far they have not found anything coast guard has suspended the search for a fisherman swept out to sea. he was on some rocks when a wave pulled them into the water a police officer charged with rape is being held on prosecutors say butler sexually assaulted a drunk man who was place in protective custody on halloween. investigators say the act was caught on security camera inside the police station. butler pleaded not guilty yesterday. his wife is the chief of police in salem. >> the reflection of the alleged actions of one person shouldn't reflect badly on the department and the officers who are working
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volunteer leave and asking for privacy right now. her husband has been put on paid administrative leave. new this morning police from 2 local communities working together to stop a credit card fraud ring. police arrested 2 men and seized more than $15,000 and a 150 fake credit cards. the men are accused of ripping off 3 banks. they'll be back in court later this month. investigators believe other suspects may be involved. comingp commuters. >> why some riders need to find a different way home tonight and how long the disruption will last. >> appeared good news for commuters on the mass pike when crews will finish phase 1. good morning. quiet weather today, no issues, temperatures starting off in the 30s for the kids at the bus stop, 40s by recess time and topping out in the low 50s by the time we get to the afternoon. i'm going to take you to the start of the
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. a welcomed sight, free hugs the outcome of the election leaving nearly half of all americans disappointed, but one man took to the streets yesterday to try and turn around those feelings of anger. >> the only thing i knew to do right now was to get out and give love. my background is a yoga teacher and somebody who cares . >> he gave out quite a few hugs and urged people to he and courage do move forward. >> danielle, give me a hugs. >> i give free hugs every day. >> you can hug it out while i'm doing the weather. you know, it's 72 degrees
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sunshine today low 50s so it will be a little bit on the cool side. veterans day looks pretty good although it is going to be windy tomorrow. 40 degrees in boston right now, we're in the 40s from taunton back down to the cape, 34 in worcester 35 in manchester, a little cooler north of town so skies are clearing clouds south of boston back down to the cape. we too will see this clearing take place over the next few hours. otherwise there's not a ton going o'neill the map today. we are waiting on a cold front. notice not a lot of moisture with it, but it's going to come through tomorrow and kick up the wind appeared bring in colder air for the second half of tomorrow and especially into the start of the weekend. so today is fine, low 50s for highs, quiet the wind is going to be active.
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tomorrow we start with sun some building clouds come in as the front comes through and the wind kicks up, gusts to 40 miles per hour. you'll feel the wind. highs will still go 55 to 60 tomorrow afternoon and then the chilly air comes in. friday night we fall into the 30s, saturday high pressure in control, plenty of sunshine temperatures will only be in the 40s. there will be a breeze and it will make it feel like highs today 53 in boston, lower 50s for us on the cape and middle 50s for metro west clear and breezy tonight, 47 in boston, 40 to 45 in the suburbs so not that cold. the wind does stay active, bright sunshine appeared then the clouds mixed in for our veterans day no wet weather to worry about but the gusty wind.
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starting in the 40s, 55 by mid-day and then we do fall quickly through the 40s during the evening. it will be chilly and windy and the cool air stays in place for the start of the weekend. highs tomorrow do still manage to come into the 50s, we make a nice rebound by sunday. 8:30 kick off clear and chilly, 44 degrees, no weather issues and the wind will be pretty light at the stadium as well. we push near 60 for monday of next week, tuesday mid-50s and looks like wsd wet weather. okay. we have 2 accidents north of the city right now. we'll start on 93 north. right and left lanes are blocked here before exit 43 and route 133. there's a roll over in the median and 2 trucks off to the right. people are also slowing down to look at it in the other direction. second didn't 495 south at exit 35. also if take the needham commuter rail you
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find a different way home tonight. starting at 8:30 p.m. service will be suspended along the entire line and will not return until monday morning. an alternate bussing will not be provided. this is so crews can replace the bridge in west roxbury. they're asking commuters to find an alternate way to get back and for the from work today and tomorrow. some commuters. crews demolishing the odd toll booths are ahead of schedule. phase 1 of the project should be done today, 12 days early. phase 2 is already beginning. the upcoming holidays can be a nightmare on the roads out there but officials hope electronic tolling will make things go more smoothly. >> we know even now that we have a system that is saver and more convenient and by the end of next year when all of the roadway reconstruction work is
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though there were never ever toll booths on the mass pike. >> here's some fun facts throughout the demolition and road reconstruction process crews will use 230,000 tons of pavement which is enough to pave 116 miles of roadway and they'll excavate enough dirt to fill 27,000 dump trucks. they would stretch 128 miles. a patient in maine may have a rare deadly brain maine medical center is scrubbing down all operating rooms. yesterday they actually postponed all elective surgeries. the cdc and the hospital are working to determine an official diagnosis. part owner of the troubled new england compounded center blamed for a deadly meningitis outbreak have been sentenced for financial crimes. the majority owner was sentenced yesterday to a year of probation and fined
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and fined $55,000. both pleaded guilty in july to withdrawing cash following the outbreak. 64 people were killed, more than 750 people in 20 states got sick. police in new hampshire searching for a man and a woman who stole $4,000 worth of bras from a store in concord. video from the mall shows them filling a bag last month. the same couple is suspected in thefts at other stores in getting political. >> what bill belichick and tom brady are now saying about the approximately election. >> plus the celtics get back one
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. patriotsti the road. we have more in your morning sports. >> good morning, and let me start by saying this, what in the heck is wrong with the celtics. they get blown out by denver and then washington. do you know what the score was at the end of the first quarter 34-8. what the heck is going on? just 2 points in 26 minutes. another
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quarter. on sunday lighting it up this time it was porter doing the damage. 17 first quarter points. score after one as he mentioned 34-8. rebounding woes also continuing. watch him go in untouched underneath, just embarrassing. they get blown out again to drop to 3-4 on the year. over in patriot pats continue to gear up for sunday night's game against seattle however the election was on everyone 's mind including bill belichick explaining why he spent a letter of support to donald trump. trump read the letter at a rally in new hampshire on monday night. >> our friendship goes back many years and i think anybody that spent more than 5 minutes with me knows i'm not a political person my comments are not politically
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loyalty of donald, a couple of weeks ago we had secretary of state in the locker room, another friend of mine. can't imagine 2 people are more different political views. friendship is about that it's not about political or religious views. >> he wasn't the only one supporting trump at that same rally the president elect said tom brady also voted for him however he did not admit for voting for trump during instead he tried to steer clear of the subject. . >> yeah, i talked to my wife she said i can't talk about politics any more so i think that's a good decision. . >> so there you have. that's sports. over to you. all right cell to come in our next half hour a closer look [audio difficulty]. >> breaking overnight more pro tests across the country plus advice for parents about how to
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. >> what should the defining word of 2016 be? i've got a suggestion based on what voters said this year, and i'll share it with you when wbz this morning continues. good morning. quiet weather today temperatures running in the 30s and 40s out the door, plenty of sunshine and a few clouds mixed this afternoon. we top out in the low 50s, what about veterans day and the weekend? we'll talk about it
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my name is barbara and i make dog chow natural. now that i work there, i value the food even more. preservatives and it's made with real chicken. i'm so proud to make dog chow natural in davenport, iowa. . breaking news protesters
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president elect trump. >> and sending a message of unity, trump sitting down with obama today. >> and a warning this morning for anyone living in the reading area, what police are saying about a string of home break-ins. >> live from the channel 4 studios in boston this is wbz news this morning. welcome back. thanks for waking up with us. >> tuesday, november 10th as you head out the door it's not too badut >> and it's not tuesday, it's thursday. did you just say it's tuesday? i think you did. i could be hearing things. >> ia long week. >> it has. all right. thursday, 40 degrees in boston right you now. 35 in lawrence, 34 in worcester, we've got some 20s on the map and in the 40s out on the cape because we do still have some low level clouds. they'll be departing over the
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sunshine today breezy and cool. sunrise at 6:29. out of the 30s we climb into the 40s and low 50s this afternoon. bright breezy and cool right around 50 degrees for your lunch hour today and i do anticipate some clouds increasing for the second half of the afternoon. temperatures in the upper 40s, it's going to be a windy veterans day. i know et cetera been busy a couple of accidents. only the center lane is getting by o over has closed the left and right lanes at exit 43, so traffic is backed up to exit 42 northbound about also causing really heavy traffic southbound as well all the way back. people are slowing down to look at the accident. then we have the second crash on 495 southbound at exit 35 and it's not causing too much back up just yet.
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his wife will travel to washington today to meet with the president and first lady to discuss a smooth transition of power. donald trump and vice president elect mike pence will meet with house speaker paul ryan. trump stayed out of the public eye yesterday but did meet privately with his staff to go over potential appointments. and more protests sparking across the country. overnight anti-trump protesters shut down a major freeway in manhattan, boston, chicago and d.c. saying they refuse to accept a trump presidency. the election is over and being described as one of most nook races in our history. we take a closer look at now best to describe it. >> good morning. every november the publishers of the dictionary announced their choice for the word of the year a term they
5:33 am
last year's word of the year was emoji. i have a suggestion for this year's word, lie. in case you missed it there was a mini controversy during the race about whether or not journalists should use the word lie to describe what happens when a candidate, well, lies, that sounds a bit harsh the critics said because it implies the person is a liar, well it seems defense when discussing politicians owned their lies about i'm mindful to turn down the volume appeared come together in a fake post election show of unity will last about 15 minutes if it actually ever happens. so instead let's go with something kinder like fib. and let's focus on the fibs that voters told us and each other this year.
5:34 am
ads and negative campaigning then turned around and rewarded that. voters insisted they cared about issues in the approximately race but then told pollsters at the end that character was the biggest motivator for their vote. and while voters claimed to have record shattering interest in this election, the turnout rate was 56% the lowest in over a decade. so definitely fib should be a contender for word of the year. and that's no lie. . >> talk back to me via email or use twitter. . >> very true. senator warren has been one of donald trump's biggest critics but now she says she'll put that aside. she released a statement saying when he takes the oath of office as the leader of our democracy and leader of all americans it's my sincere
5:35 am
role with respect and concern for every single person in the country. because the results are sparking protests many parents are wondering how do i talk to my kids about this. well a doctor offers up these tips for you. she says the most important thing you can do is reassure your kids that they'll be okay, and important to explain that you don't always win. experts say it's also important to tell them to respect the presidency and those with different opinions, explain who government works here and that the checks and balances are in place. massachusetts gaming commission meets today, one of the items on the agenda new opportunities for veterans. it is timely since veterans day is tomorrow. the commission will also vote on applications for a racing license in 2017 and the public is welcome to attend. >>. thousands of ageing veterans
5:36 am
memorials built to honor their service. a group called honor everywhere is bringing virtual reality to the homes of those veterans. they give a 3d tour . >> this is for him, and i think, you know, to have him see that and to see the expression on his face it just -- i know it meant the world t world war ii memorial the group will add the vietnam wall by veterans day which again is tomorrow. kind of gives me chills reading that story. >> you should let them go on vacation >> that would be cool. still ahead holiday cheer at starbucks today. >> plus sugar drinks what voters
5:37 am
help curb the obesity very department mechanic. >> and reading police have a message here after a string of home break-ins. temperatures running the 30s for many of us. weather watchers checking in with temperatures for most of us again in the 30s north and west of town especially. 39 just south of town reports chars. clear skis on our way to the 50s today. i'm tracking some wind on the way for our veterans day.
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. today new numbers for the average 30-year fixed mortgage will be released in a few hours. well starbucks spread ago little holiday cheer today with the help of some customers, plus voters in some sugar drinks. >> and stocks rallying. >> reporter: good morning. wall street giving its welcome t of president elect trump: the dow opens near record highs. the dow jumped 256 points yesterday the nasdaq added 57. health care and biotech companies are leading the rally.
5:41 am
said he wants to repeal obama care. investors think republicans are less likely to regulate drug prices. voters in 4 cities also approved a tax on sugary drinks, colorado, san francisco, albany, california all okayed this tax and san francisco expected to bring in about $15 billion in revenue. and starbucks asked customers to subm designs. starbucks choose 13 from 1,200 submissions, last year's plain red cups sparked backlash. if remember at the time donald trump even suggested boycotting. well this year starbucks is offering buy one get one holiday drink to say celebrate the arrival of the new cup. so one of buy. >> or you buy and then ship it on up to boston. thank you very much. >> they will be cold by the time you get it.
5:42 am
i order ice drinks any way. >> i tried to design a cup last year. it didn't turnout too good. coming up, are you addict today your phone? thousands of people gather on the boston common to protest a trump presidency plus a closer look at the anti-trump marches
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for the third year in a row target will be open for business on thanksgiving day but not in massachusetts since it's not allowed here but all other stores around the country will. they'll open at 6 p.m. and the news comes despite a growing trend by retailers to stay closed on thanksgiving day to families. >> i'm not -- i'm not blaming anybody but it's like it doesn't matter here. i guess go to moment and go shopping >> even if open at 6 puppet you still need people in stock the shelves. >> although we work here on thanksgiving. >> that's true you but we're out early. you can enjoy the rest of the day. take an afternoon happen. weather to watch the drought
5:46 am
around 8:30. i'll have that posted. no significant rain ahead though. windy for veterans day. looks like we're going to gust to 40 miles per hour tomorrow. chilly start to the weekend. saturday only in the 40s but make a quick rebound. upper 50s by sunday and should be near 60 degrees by the start of next week. a bet of a cool start this morning 40 in boston right now not too bad, right? but middle to upper 40s when you get south of town as well. 44 in taunton, 30s north and west o air has moved in with clearing skies. so that makes the difference as the clear skies moved in we've seen the temperatures fall. now, a few left over clouds south of town to the south shore and cape. these too, will depart and give way to sunshine today. overall looks like a nice fall afternoon. there will also be some high, thin clouds tend to mix with the sunshine later on otherwise not a ton on the weather map. we're waiting on a cold front tomorrow, a couple of
5:47 am
i think we'll see building clouds after sunshine tomorrow morning and the biggest kind of impact tomorrow will be for the wind. it's going to gust to 40 miles per hour at times. so you'll notice it. i don't think it's going to be a damaging wind but it will be adding a chill to the air and then the cold air moves in friday night and saturday, high pressure building into our west, temperatures will be in the mid-40s on saturday but the wind chill will be in the 30s at times although i don't think it will be as gusty as it will b afternoon. so high temperatures today lower to middle 50s for most of us kind of on the mark where we should be. the wind is going to shift around out of the southwest later on this afternoon. 50 in worcester this afternoon with again, some clouds that mix in with that sunshine, dry today 53 in plymouth and mid-50s in taunton right around 50 on the cape. these are the overneat lows tonight, not too cold. we stay in the 40s with a gusty breeze. tomorrow sun and clouds.
5:48 am
56 saturday chilly breeze to start the weekend but the weekend will be dry and featuring a good amount of sunshine. nice day on sunday. 40s for the pats on sunday night and looks like a quiet start to next week. next chance of rain comes in on wednesday. we have 3 crashes now all within just minutes of each other. the latest is here on 93 south this is before exit 46 and route 110. we have this roll over that actually just cleared, it was going direction heading northbound at exit 43 but caused all this southbound back up for people stopping to look. third accident also 495 south over in lowell at exit 35, but there's no backs there. police in reading are warning residents after a string of home break ins. president elect trump and his wife will travel to
5:49 am
he'll meet with the president at the white house and michelle obama. trump and vice president elect mike pence will also meet with house speaker paul ryan. trump stayed out of the public eye yesterday but met privately with his staff to go over potential cabinet appointments. protests shut down a major freeway in los angeles last night and thousands marnld in the streets of new york, chicago and boston want to accept a trump presidency. thousands of people gather on the boston common to protest a trump presidency. the election may be over but the bitter feeling that defined the race could still be felt wednesday night with thousands chanting anti-trump phrases and holding signs and holding posters supporting the rights of different communities. coming up hear from the protesters and
5:50 am
results and move forward together. hassan wenting the rate for senate in new hampshire. she defeated ayotte, hassan's victory was one of 2 gains. police are investigating 3 home break ins all within a matter of 12 day happened in the middle of the afternoon, and in each case a large amount of jewelry was stolen. in one incident police say the suspect entered through an unlocked door and the other 2 cases police say the suspect descriptions actually match. these house break ins happened in the area of prospect school street.
5:51 am
contain an massive fire at an old steel melt in new york and today schools are closed. investigators say a light bulb fell. smoke could be seen for miles at one point. neighbors were ordered to shelter in place. brad pit has been cleared of child abuse charges. officials who were investigates investigating. tmz reports he was intoxicated. an alarming new report on the health watch this morning, the number of women dying from cancer is expected to more than double worldwide in the next 14 years. the american cancer society says 5 opponent 5 million women are expected to die from cancer by the year 2030. that is a 60% increase in less than 20 years. the report finds the massive increase in
5:52 am
appeared middle income countries where access to health care is less widespread. researchers are getting a better idea why some go into labor early. a study says calcium deposits may cause a woman's water to break. researchers say changes in diet can help prevent the deposits from forming. spending too much time on your phone could be costing you sleep. researchers in san francisco tracked hundreds smart phone users and found the average screen time was under 4 minutes per hour and the bigger that number gets the more likely a patient would suffer poor sleep quality appeared less sleep overall. it was especially bad if you use your phone close to bedtime. well, today the national toy hall of fame is set to reveal its class of 2016. a panel of experts has chosen. some toys
5:53 am
bears, clue, uno and bubble wrap. the winners will be announced today during a ceremony in rochester new york to be recognized toys must have lasted across generations influenced the way toys are designed or placed with and foster creative learning for kids. >> i say bubble wrap only because i like to play with it as a kid and always give it to your kid and that's the one thing that more than anything else. >> i like the robots. still to come bringing the country together with comedy. >> what late night is saying
5:54 am
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5:56 am
. the host of the big 3 late night talk shows had one thing on their minds last night, the election. >> i had the weird east dream who used to host the present us, i dreamed we elected him president. . >> and you were there, and you were there, with respect there. . >> the big story is that america woke this morning and was like -- did i do that? >> everybody processes grieve differently. i heard warren got
5:57 am
. >> colbert offered the cosmic perspective on the long campaign and the election results and ended up smashing the telescope. pretty funny. . >> they're always funny. >> you give them material and that's all they need. >> keep it right here. your top stories, weath traffic straight ahead at 6 a.m. we'll be right back. when people ask me where i get my glow, now i tell them this. new bright reveal peel pads from l'oreal. with glycolic acid-exfoliates, revealing brighter skin in one week. all this power in one little pad. new bright reveal peel pads from l'oreal skin expert, paris. tame frizz-prone hair with smoothing care. whole blends by garnier. smoothing haircare. enriched with coconut oil & cocoa butter extracts.
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. good morning. thanks for joaning us. >> thursday, november 10th. right now protests here in boston and across the country over donald trump's election victory today the president elect is heading to house. we have it all covered for you. >> and new this morning homeowners on alert the daylight break ins that have police concerned. >> plus a stash of cash and more than 100 fake credit cards a fraud ring busted. who's facing charges this morning. but first we're going to toss it over to danielle niles where it's another chilly morning. >> definitely depend where you are, 39 in boston and skies have


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